Can I cancel my order ? 

- no due to how fast we want to get the order out to you once you order your order starts processing. 

If I receive the wrong item what can I do ? 

Send us a email with your name and order number to resolve the issue. 

Can I return items to you ? 

Yes you can if it’s the same way we sent it you are happy to send it back by sending us an email to ask for address to send it back to 

I emailed you and you didn’t respond. 

- we try to respond to emails as fast as possible . Please give us 24-72 hours to respond than sending us another email. When emailing us please provide name and order number so we know who you are. 

What time does your business run ? 

M-F 12-5pm EST after that we don’t answer any emails or text until next business day. 

Why does my tracking say pending ? 

Please be aware we are not a shipping company all we do is provide the package to the shipping company. Once we give you tracking the item is no longer in our hands and after 24-48 hours check your tracking for updates. If you have any questions on your package please call the carrier for updates. 

Do you ship world wide ? 

Yes . 

I’ll just call my bank and make a dispute . 

Please note slay and drip has a legal team now and if you make a wrongful dispute you can be sued. If we are wrong we do give refunds or help with the situation the best way we can.